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This page is about myself and the journey which has brought me to this point:

Although today I am an author, speaker, workshop leader and personal consultant in the UK and in America, my journey toward developing the Mercury Model began during my career as a scientist. Having been trained in the nuclear field, with a Master’s Degree in physical and hot atom chemistry, my first career was as a researcher in nuclear medicine, in Boston, my home town, at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Physics Research Lab and at MIT’s Nuclear Research Reactor. With hindsight I can see that my burning interest in what I call ‘subtle energies’ developed around then. I have spent decades examining the effects of unseen but powerful energies, the real movers and shakers of the universe, forces that exist within and stand alongside all matter that we can see, touch and measure.

Initially I was focused on gamma rays, alpha particles, neutrinos, positrons and a host of other nuclear forces – some of which can kill you as soon as look at you. As my career progressed, my natural love of research, analysis and questioning the status quo established by any current theory led to a fascination with the New Physics, encompassing mythic themes and archetypal patterns, the knowledge held in the ancient astrological database, the unseen energies underpinning both the matter and situations we call reality. I was drawn to the energetic end of Einstein’s energy/matter continuum and have studied it from every conceivable angle.

Over time, the dance between scientific thought, on the one hand, and spirituality/old wisdom, on the other, has alternated between a tight embrace and arms-length incompatibility. I always suspected they were inseparable from one another – a view not shared by many of my early colleagues, but now gaining wider acceptance as a popular version of quantum mechanics moves us toward a more unified understanding of our world.

Once I began to work on the underlying principles that led to the Mercury Model, I also became very excited by some of the questions it answered…about the way the mind works, about how and why everyone is wired differently. But, most importantly, my findings seemed to confirm my long held conviction that every person has his or her own way of thinking, and that it complements everyone else’s. In other words, every human being has an equally valuable set of mental skills to share with the rest of us.

The Mercury Model was launched in 1997, and I have been blessed to introduce it to thousands of people, through my personal and professional development workshops, one-to-one work with clients from all walks of life, personal profiles, and especially through my two published books. However, the corporate sector provided the ultimate acid test of the Mercury Model for reliable and accurate assessment of a company’s or a team’s intellectual assets.

With my head in the clouds and my feet firmly planted on the ground, I am a very practical woman who bridges between some of mankind’s oldest knowledge and our new cutting edge concepts. Digging beneath the surface of the apparent to reveal its energetic underpinnings, I retrieve ancient wisdom for useful, down-to-earth application in today’s world, making available to modern people the benefits inherent in the mythological and astrological databases.

My fondest dream is that the message about the Mercury Model spreads, promoting stress-free learning, improving communication, and thereby relationships, fostering understanding of and mutual respect for people’s natural mental differences.

I hope that my easy to use system, tested and trusted over time, will give you, your friends and your family, a unique insight into your true mental strengths, permission to be unashamedly yourself, and help you realise the gifts and talents you were born to bring to the world.

with love

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